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Mar 20, 2013 8:00pm EDT
borrow the money and pay your check because your entitled to it as a matter of law, at a certainagers you qualify. -- at a certain age, you qualify. if your income is below a certain level, you're entitled to the money. whether uncle sam has it or not. that's based on law. that's based on legislation that congress passed that entitles people that under certain circumstances to obtain federal money. and get it as a matter of entitlement. and so when those programs are surging at 6% a year, medicaid, the poor person's insurance program, is projected to go to -- to grow 8% a year over the next decade, 117% over the next ten years, when those programs are going at that rate and the economy is growing at 2%, you have got a problem. you don't have to go to the harvard business school to know that. you really don't have to go to harvard to know that. when i talk to the american people, they understand it fully. they expect that we are really going to have to make tough choices in this country to get the country on the right path, and they are girding themselves to support such tough choices, but
Mar 14, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. the message for the president is that no one person gets to decide the law. no one person gets to decide your guilt or innocence. my question, my question to the president was about more than just killing americans on american soil. my question was about whether presidential power has limits. [applause] lincoln put it well when he wrote, nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man, give him power. president obama who seemed once upon a time to respect civil liberties has become the president who signed a law allowing for indefinite detention of an american citizen. indeed a law that allows an american citizen to be sent to guantÁnamo bay without a trial. president obama defends the signing of this bill by stating that he is no intention of detaining an american citizen without a trial. likewise he defended possible target -- targeted drone strikes on americans by indicating he had no intention of doing so. my 13 hour filibuster was a message to the president. good intentions are not enough. [applause] the presidential i will protect to serve and defend the constitution.
Mar 15, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, you were present for the briefing and at the briefing the bank told the occ the first quarter law says were $580 million that's an exhibit 60. the losses at the end of the quarter on march 31st have been reported inside the bank as $710 million. dare we take a look at exhibit one g. this is a list that was provided i believe in may about the internal profit and loss reports. it feels like they are, you will see march $133,718,000,000 according to the bank's internal reports. what was reported to the occ was $580 million. not only that, but on the friday before the monday, april 16 public report, but i think you are involved in, mr. baustein, the bank met with the i've been losses by then had more than doubled to $1.2 billion. said before the april 16 conference call, two things have happened here. one is that the report the occ of the first quarter losses of hundred 80 million were wrong according to the bank's own records of 708 team million dollars. and then before april 16, the friday before april 16, occ losses at more than doubled to $1.2 billion. so first, ms. drew, why did you t
Mar 13, 2013 8:00pm EDT
so hard for that. i was so proud of president obama signing it into law last week. that law recognizes every human being, every human being male, female deserves protection from violence and it sends a clear and unequivocal message that wherever a sexual assault occurs madam chairman whether on a college campus or on an indian reservation or in a religious setting or in our military, yes the offender must be punished. sexual assault is a heinous and violent crime and it must be treated as such. it isn't an internal matter. it is it is a violent crime and that must be treated as such. and i want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting the boxer cornyn amendment that says no the military cannot take offenders, people who have been convicted of sexual assault into the military. that will help us going forward but we need to do much more. we know this crisis is staggering and despite some important reforms by the department of defense and i thank them for those, they are trying to improve prevention, investigation, prosecution but still too many military sex offenders g
Mar 19, 2013 8:00pm EDT
responsibilities that i haven't security cooperation activities as well. the support law enforcement includes highly effective and efficient and cost-effective detention in monitoring operations, sharing information and having the countries combat drug trafficking and dismantling very troubling criminal networks. we also focus on building relationships with regional militaries to enhance defense of the united states and the security of the region. human rights play a big role with everything we do. for my engagement with regional leaders who are working alongside our nation's forces, and the defense college here in washington. militaries in the region have made enormous strides in terms of professionalization and respect for civilian authorities and human rights. thanks to a large measure to the role of the u.s. military over the years and our continued engagement. we continue to have a wide range of possible crises in the region, including national disasters and evacuation of u.s. citizens. finally, our most critical mission today includes operations at guantÁnamo bay. i am concerned at thi
Mar 18, 2013 8:30pm EDT
that? egypt now. ting means sporting the -- supporting the institution of the democracy. rule of law, repeated election. not just one election. and i think we need to focus more on that and building the fabric of democracy in the region and less on feeling as though we need endorse whoever wins an election. and finally, look, i think we need to be prepared to judged on the action and not just on the words. going and giving another high profile speech is not going to cut it. people want to see action, especially because there's a view that the 2009 speech wasn't really carried out. it didn't translate to policy. the places we'll be most judged on the action is syrian and iran. i think in syria, look, we need to stake out a strategy and put resources behind it, build a coalition around it. i think it's damaging the idea the united states is passive or unable to accomplish the objective when people see syria in a sense most urgent and national security priority for the united states and allies been it comes to iran i think we need reconcile the conflicting messages we often send to iran
Mar 12, 2013 8:00pm EDT
within the law, you heard that from deputy secretary carter last month, we cannot remain immune. while the immediate impact will vary by command, overall in stratcom come, the effect is a bit like an avalanche. we will see greater impact and potential impacts as senator inhofe mentioned. in both space and cyberspace and to our support to those around the globe. in the longer term, continuing this financial path will affect long-term sustainment needs, eliminating or jeopardizing a number of important recapitalization efforts. of course, ultimately such reductions could impact our ability to deter and assure. mr. chairman, stratcom's responsibilities have not changed, but the way we must carry them out has been drastically changed since a year ago. we hope to meet our mission responsibilities today. but the pathway we are on is creating risk and our ability to execute it. i look forward to working with the committee in congress on these difficult and complex challenges and i will carry back your message of appreciation for the men and women that we are privileged to associate with and i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7